Suse Lin執行長學術專題演講107/3/12

  • 2018-03-08
  • 楊 文敏

主講人:Suse LinFounder/CEO, Kafard Global Analytical Consulting
    目:Big Data Analytics Applications in the USA
        間:民國107312 (星期一) 下午200 
                 Big data analytics is widely applied in various industries in the past 20+ years.  It evolves with various different names and forms, such as statistical analysis, predictive modeling and analytics, decision science and finally big data analytics.  For most of the statisticians, it’s the same principles, similar knowledges and the updated algorithms applied on the  relatively larger data sets.  For the rest, it seems to be some new inventions or new tools with new technology.  In reality, it could be combined with both views.
                Today’s talk focuses on the high level big data analytics applied in the banking, insurance and the marketing areas in the USA as well as the big data analytics  job opportunities,  job requirements, qualifications, professional and the soft skills needed to be successful.
             Suse has 20+ years of experience in “predictive modeling and analytics” in the US credit bureau, banking, insurance and marketing.  She would like to share some high level insider’s views of the “big data analytics”.  Please note that the analytical knowledges presented are usually kept within the companies and sometimes considered proprietary information.  It usually isn't shared with the academic institutions nor presented in the industry conferences. 
                  The talk would be presented in Chinese as much as possible with some mixed explanations in English.