Prof. Grace Y. Yi 學術專題演講(112/07/11)

  • 2023-07-05
  • 楊文敏
學  術  演  講
主講人:Prof. Grace Y. Yi
Department of Statistical and Actuarial Sciences
                Department of Computer Science
                University of Western Ontario, Canada
題  目:How myths about noisy data may mislead us?
時  間:民國112年7月11日 (星期二) 下午3:30 
地  點:國立政治大學商學院260903室
摘  要:
            Thanks to the advancement of modern technology in acquiring data, massive data with diverse features and big volumes are becoming more accessible than ever. The impact of big data is significant. While the abundant volume of data presents great opportunities for researchers to extract useful information for new knowledge gain and sensible decision-making, big data present great challenges. A very important yet sometimes overlooked issue is the quality and provenance of the data. Big data are not automatically useful; big data are often raw and involve considerable noise.
       Typically, the challenges presented by noisy data with measurement error, missing observations and high dimensionality are particularly intriguing. Noisy data with these features arise ubiquitously from various fields, including health sciences, epidemiological studies, environmental studies, survey research, economics, etc. In this talk, I will discuss some issues induced by noisy data and how they may complicate statistical inferential procedures.