President Pedro Silva学术专题演讲105/12/14

  • 2016-12-13
  • 杨 文敏

主讲人:President Pedro Luis do Nascimento Silva
Principal Researcher - ENCE/IBGE, President of ISI
      目:Statistical Thinking and Methodology –
              A Pillar for Quality Also in the Big Data Era

      间:民国1051214 (星期三) 上午1100 
            We live in an era of unprecedented data availability and accessibility, and where ‘Big Data’ emerged as a ‘new paradigm’ for those seeking to ‘learn from data’. Yet there are still substantial data gaps for many topics or areas of interest. In addition, much of the available data lack the quality needed for its safe use in various applications.
I will review the many ways in which Statistical thinking and methods are used to obtain, process, combine, analyse and disseminate data in the field of Official Statistics. Then I will discuss how statistical methodology is key to achieve specified levels of inferential accuracy, and will link this to a broader view of quality, where the goal is to obtain current, relevant, accurate and cost-effective data.
            Despite having evolved in a scenario where it was crucial to learn from ‘little data’, I contend that Statistical Thinking and Methodology are still essential to guide the ‘art and science’ of learning from ‘Big Data’.