Journal Articles

Year Paper Title
2022 24, 2
2022 N.F. Tseng; Y.C. Hung*; W.B. Wu, Granger Causality Tests Based on Reduced Variable Information, working paper.
2022 Y.C. Hung*; G. Michailidis, An Intelligent Data-Driven Approach for Solving the Electric Vehicle Location-Routing Problem, revision invited by the IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems (IF = 6.492, SJR ranking in Engineering (Automative Engineering): 3/248).
2022 Y.C. Hung*; H.P.H. Lok; G. Michailidis, Optimal Routing for Electric Vehicle Charging Systems with Stochastic Demands: A Heavy Traffic Approximation Approach, European Journal of Operational Research, 299(2), 526-541 (IF = 5.334, SJR ranking in Computer Science (Miscellaneous): 7/445)
2022 I.W. Chang*; C.E. Chen; Y.C. Hung; C.H. Hsieh; S.F. Hsiao; M.C. Chen; C.H. Lin; Y.C. Shih; S.H. Wu; T.H. Wang; W.C. Liao; H. Ma; C.K. Perng, A Machine Learning Approach for Classifying the Burn Degree Based on Indocyanine Green Video Angiography, to be submitted to Burns (IF=2.744, SJR ranking in Medicine (Emergency Medicine): 11/85).
2021 23, 12, pp1684-
2021 Evaluating reliability of tree-patterns in extreme-K categorical samples problems, Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation
2021 23, 7:792
2021 “Mimicking Complexity of Structured Data Matrix’s Information Content: Categorical Exploratory Data Analysis,” , Entropy, Vol.23, No.5,(SCIE, SCOPUS), 23, 5
2021 “A Synthesis Mortality Model for the Elderly,”, North American Actuarial Journal, Vol.25, (ECONLIT), pp457-481