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The mission of the department is to provide high- quality teaching in undergraduate- and graduate-level courses, to cultivate highly qualified statisticians for the government, industrial, business, and academic sectors, to efficiently serve the educational needs, and to contribute to the overall objectives of the College of Commerce and National Chengchi University. 
The learning goals for the Undergraduate, Master, and Ph.D. programs are:

To cultivate multidimensional managerial professionals with respect to statistical disciplines and business knowledge:
●To construct fundamental statistical understanding
●To cultivate logical thinking
●To cultivate an apprehension of the application and practices of statistical methods
●To develop a familiarity with statistical software and programming languages
●To develop communication, teamwork skills, and knowledge of social responsibility.
●To establish a second professional specialty
●To equip students with fundamental business management knowledge

To cultivate multidimensional statistical professionals and endow them with theoretical understanding and practical experiences
●To construct advanced statistical understanding
●To strengthen logical thinking
●To cultivate the ability to independently solve statistical problems
●To become familiar with statistical software and writing computer programs
●To establish a second professional specialty
●To develop communication, teamwork skills, and knowledge of professional ethics.

To cultivate statistical professionals with respect to educational and research development
●To construct high-level statistical understanding
●To foster the ability to develop statistical theories
●To create innovative statistical methods
●To promote ideas and theories in the field of statistics
●To develop teaching ability, communication skills, and knowledge of professional ethics.