Vivian Yi-Ju Chen
Name Vivian Yi-Ju Chen
Office Tel No. 81238
Job Title Associate Professor
Research Expertise and Interests Spatial Data Analysis, Health Data Analytics, Clinical Trials
Teaching Field Statistics(I) (II), Probability, Experimental Design
Office-hour Monday: 14:00~16:00 (By appointment)
Year Paper Title
2022 Vivian Yi-Ju Chen*;Tse-Chuan Yang, 2022.12, 'Spatial and Statistical Heterogeneities in Population Science Using Geographically Weighted Quantile Regression, ' Journal of Population Studies, Vol.65, pp.43-84.(TSSCI)(*為通訊作者), vol. 109900, Dec. 2022
2022 Vivian Yi-Ju Chen*;Kiwoong Park;Feinuo Sun;Tse-Chuan Yang, 2022.04, 'Assessing COVID-19 risk with temporal indices and geographically weighted ordinal logistic regression in US counties, ' Plos One, Vol.17, No.4, pp.e0265673.(SCI)(*為通訊作者), vol. 109904, Apr. 2022
2022 “Geographically weighted regression modeling for multiple outcomes.”, Annals of the American Association of Geographers, 112:5, 1278-1295. [SSCI], 2022
2022 "Assessing COVID-19 risk with temporal indices and geographically weighted ordinal logistic regression in US counties.", Plos One 17(4):e0265673. [SCIE] , 2022
2020 Vivian Yi-Ju Chen;Tse-Chuan Yang*;Stephen A. Matthews, 2020.10, 'Exploring heterogeneities with geographically weighted quantile regression: An enhancement based on the bootstrap approach, ' Geographical Analysis, Vol.52, pp.642-661.(SSCI)(*為通訊作者), vol. 111417, Oct. 2020
2020 “Exploring heterogeneities with geographically weighted quantile regression: An enhancement based on the bootstrap approach.” , Geographical Analysis, 52(4), 642-661. [SSCI], 2020
2018 Tzu-Hsin Karen Chen;Vivian Yi-Ju Chen;Tzai-Hung Wen*, 2018.12, 'Revisiting the role of rainfall variability and its interactive effects with the built environment in urban dengue outbreaks, ' Applied Geography, Vol.101, pp.14-22.(SSCI, SCIE)(*為通訊作者), vol. 111420, Dec. 2018
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Year Paper Title
2019 A Comparison of Geographically Weighted Count Models for Overdispersed and Zero-Inflated Data, The 32nd European Meeting of Statisticians 2019 (EMS 2019), 2019, Palermo, Italy
2017 Geographically weighted quantile regression with spatially lagged dependent variables, The 31st European Meeting of Statisticians 2017 (EMS 2017), 2017, Helsinki, Finland
2016 Geographically weighted quantile regression for count data, The 22nd International Conference on Computational Statistics (COMSTAT 2016), 2016, Auditorium/Congress Palace Principe Felipe, Oviedo, Spain
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2008 A generalized correlation coefficient for the general two-treatment crossover design, The 2008 Joint Statistical Meeting, 2008, Denver, Corolado, USA
Project Category Year Project Title Participator Job Title Period Unit
MOST Projects 112 具空間自相關之混合地理加權分量迴歸 CHEN YI-JU Principal Investigator 2023.08 ~ 2024.07 National Science and Technology Council
MOST Projects 111 地理加權分量迴歸於有界資料之分析 CHEN YI-JU Principal Investigator 2022.08 ~ 2023.10 National Science and Technology Council
MOST Projects 2022 地理加權分量迴歸於有界資料之分析(Geographically weighted quantile regression modeling for analysis of bounded data) 2022.01 ~ 2023.12 行政院科技部
MOST Projects 110 基於複合卜瓦松分配的地理加權迴歸模型 CHEN YI-JU Principal Investigator 2021.08 ~ 2022.10 National Science and Technology Council
MOST Projects 2021 基於複合卜瓦松分配的地理加權迴歸模型(A geographically weighted regression modeling approach based on compound Poisson distribution) 2021.01 ~ 2022.12 行政院科技部
MOST Projects 2020 零膨脹計數資料之地理加權跨欄模型(Geographically weighted hurdle models for zero-inflated count data) 2020.01 ~ 2021.12 行政院科技部
MOST Projects 2019 多個反應變數之地理加權迴歸分析(Geographically weighted regression analysis for multivariate response) 2019.01 ~ 2020.12 行政院科技部
MOST Projects 2016 地理加權模型架構下之零膨脹負二項迴歸(Zero-Inflated Negative Binomial Regression Under Geographically Weighted Modeling Framework) 2016.01 ~ 2017.12 行政院科技部
MOST Projects 2015 計數資料之地理加權分量迴歸(Geographically Weighted Quantile Regression for Count Data) 2015.01 ~ 2016.12 行政院科技部
MOST Projects 2014 時空資料之地理加權迴歸模式(A Geographically Weighted Regression Technique for Spatiotemporal Data) 2014.01 ~ 2015.12 行政院科技部
MOST Projects 2013 連續依變項與計數依變項之地理加權自相關模式(Geographically Weighted Autoregressive Models for Continuous and Count Variables) 2013.01 ~ 2014.12 行政院科技部
MOST Projects 2011 含空間落遲依變數之地理加權分量迴歸(Geographically Weighted Quanitle Regression with Spatially-Lagged Dependent Variable) 2011.01 ~ 2012.12 行政院科技部
MOST Projects 2010 運用分量回歸與地理加權發展區域空間分量迴歸方法(A new local spatial quantile regression approach by fusing geographical weighting with quantile regression) 2010.01 ~ 2011.12 行政院科技部
MOST Projects 2009 累積風險評估其有效劑量之區間估計(Interval Estimation of Mixture Effective Dose in Cumulative Risk Assessment) 2009.01 ~ 2010.12 行政院科技部
MOST Projects 2008 聯合暴露其二分反應之廣義劑量模式(A Generalized Dose-Response Model of Combined Exposures for Quantal Responses) 2008.01 ~ 2009.12 行政院科技部
MOST Projects 2007 在2 × 2 簡單交叉設計中廣義相關係數之穩健估計(Developing Robust Estimators of Generalized Correlation Coefficient for the 2×2 Crossover Design) 2007.01 ~ 2008.12 行政院科技部
Country School Name Department Degree Duration
UNITED STATES 美國賓州州立大學 統計學系 博士 2003.08 ~ 2006.12
USA Pennsylvania State University Statistics Ph.D.
Experience Category Organization Title Department Job Title Duration
Current NATIONAL CHENGCHI UNIVERSITY Department of Statistics 副教授 2022.08 ~ Up to today
Joint Meeting of The 2011 Taipei International Statistical Symposium and 7th Conference of the Asian Regional Section of the IASC 會議主持人
台灣地理資訊學會 2020 台灣地理資訊學會年會暨學術研討會 會議主持人
國泰人壽 2017 大數據競賽 - 保險創意挑戰賽初賽 評審委員
國際知名學術期刊 Annals of the Association of American Geographers、Plos One、Geographical Analysis、Demography、Environment & Planning A、Environmental Modelling & Software、Spatial Demography、Cartography and Geographic Information Science、BMC Public Health、Journal of Statistical computation and Simulation、Journal of Statistical Software、Statistica Sinica、Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics、Communication in Statistics - Theory and Methods、International Journal of Obesity、Indoor Air Reviewer
Honor Category Year Award Name Awarding Unit
Outside School 2022 111年度科技部補助大專學生研究計畫(指導學生:呂毓庭) 科技部
Outside School 2021 淡江大學110學年度學術期刊論文研究獎勵 淡江大學
Outside School 2019 淡江大學108學年度學術期刊論文研究獎勵 淡江大學
Outside School 2016 淡江大學105學年度學術期刊論文研究獎勵 淡江大學
Outside School 2015 淡江大學104學年度學術期刊論文研究獎勵 淡江大學
Outside School 2015 淡江大學104學年度優良導師 淡江大學
Outside School 2014 淡江大學103學年度學術期刊論文研究獎勵 淡江大學
Outside School 2013 淡江大學102學年度學術期刊論文研究獎勵 淡江大學
Outside School 2012 淡江大學101學年度學術期刊論文研究獎勵 淡江大學
Outside School 2011 淡江大學100學年度學術期刊論文研究獎勵 淡江大學
Outside School 2010 淡江大學99學年度學術期刊論文研究獎勵 淡江大學
Outside School 2010 淡江大學99學年度優良導師 淡江大學
Outside School 2010 淡江大學99學年度校級教學特優獎 淡江大學
Outside School 2009 淡江大學98學年度學術期刊論文研究獎勵 淡江大學