Beyond the culture of sharing: Aboriginal children visit by NCCU IMBA students!

  • 2017-10-23
  • 陳傅佳
By Pathorn Chatutipsompol
NCCU Oath Club and IMBA students organized an aboriginal children visit to Hualien on April 29, 2017. There are thirty-five of us who represent over ten different countries. We had presentations of four different countries and a variety of foreign traditional games for the children. I noticed that the children were very energetic and got very engaged in outdoor events. At first, they were very shy to speak out but they quickly became more comfortable and were very excited to participate in all the activities. There were a lot of interactions between us and the children, and the events were very well-organized. This is one of the unforgettable experiences for me and I am grateful for this opportunity because I could see how happy the children and the church members were. At last, I would like to thank EMBA sponsors, Oath Club and all participants for their contribution and efforts to make this event happen. 
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