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        Over the past four decades, the department has produced thousands of outstanding statisticians, whose performances have made the department highly recognized. The job market for our alumni is very promising with abundant opportunities in government, industry, business, academia, and other research organizations. Due to the strong academic tradition and outstanding training of the department, our alumni also play active roles in their professions. Many of our alumni hold influential positions in governmental statistics and accounting units, such as the Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics (DGBAS), while others hold positions in banking, financial holdings, insurance, high-tech, computer-related and sampling/survey industries, and academic units.
        The Statistical Consulting Center (SCC) and the Marketing Survey Research Center (MSRC) are the other important features of the Department of Statistics. Both centers place strong emphasis on research and student training. Their goal is to help clients define their research objectives, to develop a research design appropriate for the needs of clients, and to train students in practicing statistics. The assistants in the two centers work closely and collaboratively with each client. They guide clients through all of the progresses of a given project by helping them in defining their needs, developing designs using quantitative and qualitative techniques needed to address the issues under investigation, and in conducting research in a timely fashion in order to ensure that adequate data are available to inform the decision-making process and achieve the overall objectives of the project.
        The SCC was established in 1995 as the Statistical Consulting Laboratory, and was later expanded and renamed the Statistical Extension and Research Center in 1997. Its current name was adopted in 2007. The SCC serves as a bridge between statistical and non-statistical communities and it also provides a suitable environment and numerous opportunities for students to practice statistical methodology.
        The MSRC was founded in 1998, and has grown rapidly ever since. Many major survey projects are conducted there each year. Its rapid growth is due, in part, to its commitment to work closely with each client on an individual basis, and to provide the highest quality and cost-effective survey research services. The MSRC conducts mail, telephone, Internet, E-mail, and personal interview, and self-administered surveys for university researchers, governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, private business sectors, and media clients.
Both centers are located in the Commerce Building in NCCU. The SCC has a consulting lab and a conference room. MSRC has a 30-station Computer-Assisted Telephone Interview (CAMI) system using WIN CAMI software.