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Statistical Consulting Center

Statistical Consulting Center (SCC) was established in 1995 as the name of Statistical Consulting Laboratory, and later expanded and changed to the name of Statistical Extension and Research Center in 1997. Finally it was changed to the current name in 2007. It serves as a bridge between statistical and non-statistical communities and it also provide a good environment and opportunity for students to practice statistical methodology. SCC not only provides consultations to clients from government, industry, business, and academia, but also provides excellent training courses to government and other organizations. SCC places strong emphasis on research and student training. Its goal is to help clients define their research objectives and then develop a research design appropriate for the needs of the project, as well as to train students of the department. It is committed to helping clients through the entire research process from beginning to end. The assistants in the centers work closely and collaboratively with each client to help define the client's research needs, develop a research design which uses the quantitative and qualitative techniques needed to address the issues under investigation, and conduct the research in a timely fashion in order to ensure that adequate data are available to inform the decision-making process and achieve the overall objectives of the project.